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Messaggio da RockyFlats » 14/10/2015, 21:02

Hello friends,

I thought it a good idea to inform you about the IM7051 FH380GN TDQ7050 dosimeter system. It is known under each of these three designations, but let me refer to it as the FH380GN.

In the past I wrote something about it in the [email protected] forum, and herewith best partly refer to that as it contains interesting information. Please note that I haven't got access to any of those (cheap) machines anymore, as that source unfortunatly sold out. But they are still obtainable on the internet and via Helmut Singer for as far as I know.

> > I found a limited supply of FH380GN dosimeter readers for little money. I
> > bought some of those for own experimenting, and find these machines very
> > interesting. It's Dutch army stock from the late eighties, and in pristine
> > condition. Very solid Military Spec. These must have cost a fortune once.
> > Will have been my tax money alright, but as we Dutch are well known being
> > the giving kind of people...
> > You'll find the same ones here:
> > [External Link Removed for Guests]
> > and here: [External Link Removed for Guests]
> > The latter sells them for 225 Euros a piece, but I might be able to get them
> > (but without the casing) for about 1/10 of that price!
> >
> > I thought it a nice idea to do something for the group, and pass them on for
> > little cost plus shipping, if there would be any interest.
> >
> > Please note that I haven't secured an amount of these machines yet, as I
> > thought it best to herewith inquire first, so chances are that I'd have to
> > pass if they would have been sold out.
> >
> > In each machine there is a very nice Hamamatsu R1166 PMT with sturdy
> > Mu-shield, connector and complete dynode string + HV supply PCB. I haven't
> > got the schematics, but keep in mind that it's probably more set for light
> > intensity measuring than for pulse counting. But the PMT + connector could
> > always be used with a self made dynode string, so there's guaranteed value.
> > Helmut Singer sells the machines for 225 Euros a piece, but with casing,
> > mains cable, two calibration dosimeters and 5 dosimeters (watch-type).
> > I might be able to get the machine without casing (but exactly the same and
> > working), maybe with one calibration dosimeter, but without the dosimeters
> > themselves.
> > But ... I also found one who sells the dosimeters for Euro 8 a piece, unused
> > and sealed packed. Might be a very limited supply of those though.
> > The unit needs external power supply, and can be driven with 24V DC and 220V
> > AC, but as far as I can see it can be easily converted to 110V AC just by
> > removing a bridge at the transformer.
> > There's also some computing power inside. Might even be possible to
> > reprogram the beast somehow (there's an EPROM).
> >
> > Interesting might be, to:
> > Get one of those working uncased + one calibration dosimeter + one dosimeter
> > (I'd have to buy that separately). Total cost would be about Euro 30 to 35
> > plus shipping cost. The dosimeter watch has a 10x10x1 mm RPL glass plate for
> > gamma dose, which easily can be taken out and put in again. So there would
> > be the possibility to have a gamma dose registration device that small, to
> > put somewhere and read out with the machine later. Might be interesting, and
> > above all it seems that the RPL glass can be regenerated and re-used just by
> > annealing at about 400 degrees centigrade. It can have a total dose of about
> > 10 Gy (reading is per cGy) though, before regeneration would be needed.
> > By the way, the dosimeter also is capable of measuring neutron radiation
> > with an also incorporated Si-PIN-diode. That one can't be regenerated
> > though, but will last through a good deal of experimenting I guess.
> > Another option would be to just go for the Hamamatsu R1166 PMT + MU shield +
> > connector. Cost would be about Euro 25 + envelope shipping cost(haven't
> > looked at those shipping cost but will be low I guess).

I've got one of those machines, and would like to exchange experiences with other owners, if possible. I haven't been able to experiment a lot with it, but would like to do more in the future. Irradiating the RPL glass, and reading it out, might be interesting. By the way, for those who have an FH380GN but are in need of the dosimeter watches for it: they are still being sold for as far as I know.

I'll add a link to the FH380GN handbook in a later post, and add pictures if possible.
Maybe, someone can then place it in the forum file section?


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Messaggio da Boss » 14/10/2015, 21:42

First of all sorry for my english, is not perfect.
This dosimeter was unknown at me.
In the [Local Link Removed for Guests] there is only the clock dosimeter. I think this dosimeter is the piece of FH380GN. Until now we unknown the origin of this "clock" but it's egual.

If you like insert photo or file please follow this guide:
1) click "Rispondi" to insert a new message [Local Link Removed for Guests]
2) now you see the text area
3) undert the text area click on "Allegati"
4) after click "Aggiungi file"
5) now select the file: photos or documents

For more information ask.

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Messaggio da Emiliano » 14/10/2015, 21:53

FH 380 GN
Immagine Il dosimetro FH 380 GN è una unità di lettura personale passiva per la misura della radiazione Gamma o Neutroni.

Il Dosimetro tattico FH 380 GN rileva separatamente dosi di radiazioni pari o superiore di dosi Gamma o Neutroni da 5 cGy /10 Gy.

Il lettore GN FH 380 quando legge le informazioni e da due misure.

• Display LCD a 10 cifre mostra ciascuna impostazione:
• Range di dosaggio.
• Dose ed il tempo di funzionamento.
• La dose e il tempo, conto alla rovescia.
• Il tasso e il tempo di funzionamento.
• Allarme molto acustico quando i limiti di dose e di pre-dosaggio viene raggiunto.

Tensione di rete (220 V AC)
Tensione di bordo (24 V DC)
Batterie (1,5 V). 18 pz tipo standard ("D" o "LR20")

[External Link Removed for Guests]

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Messaggio da RockyFlats » 14/10/2015, 22:09

Hello Boss!

My English isn't 100% either...
I wrote the below, and after that I saw your message.

That watch-like dosimeter indeed most probably is a part of the FH380GN system.
That would be nice, as I'd like the idea to herewith somehow have contributed to that very museum. In fact, I wrote a little message on the museum site, linking to a documents section where much more information can be found. Here's that link: [External Link Removed for Guests]

I allready included the links to the FH380GN documents, and maybe you better decide whether or not to upload to the forum-documents-directory? Maybe you reckognise the watch-like dosimeter?
I'll try to find pictures, and include those in the way you pointed out. Those will be of the inner parts of the machine, and hardly to be found. I had to take a few machines apart as some on the other forum were only interested in the Hamamatsu PMT it contains.

Best regards,

Here are links to the manuals that I have.

This one is in German, and has limited information, but gives a good first insight:
[External Link Removed for Guests]

This one is in Dutch, and is the complete Military Handbook. I've got a further version of it with even better resolution, and also one that is OCR ready so text could be copied for translation, but those are much more Mb's, but available on request (then, just drop me a line):
[External Link Removed for Guests]

Have fun!

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Messaggio da RockyFlats » 14/10/2015, 22:56

Helllo Blubusa,

That's nice. This is indeed the watch-like (RPL glass + PIN diode) dosimeter (type DT7054A) belonging to the dosimeter system that I mentioned in another post. Nice also, to see that it has a place in the museum! In my opinion, it is a very special system: very high quality and reliable, allthough meant for higher radiation levels than general hobby-use.

With best regards,

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Messaggio da Boss » 15/10/2015, 18:45

Thanks for the documents.
I have uploaded the documents in the forum server. Here:[Local Link Removed for Guests]
Unfortunately many devices were designed for high radiation. For that reason it is difficult to use many devices as a hobby.

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Messaggio da RockyFlats » 15/10/2015, 20:30

Hello Boss, Blubusa and all others,

Allthough it was designed to be used in case of nuclear war, I have a hunch that it might be usable for lower dose experimentation. The RPL-glass detection plate can easily be taken out of the watch-like enclosure in which it seems to be somewhat shielded. When taken out, the bare RPL-glass plate might be more receptive to lower doses, who knows?

I'll try to add some photos. Here is one with three "watches". The red one is only for exersizing and just has a dummy plain glass element.The machine can read the dosimeter plate's serial number via its hole-coding and knows what dose the dummy should represent. The calibration dosimeter (in the middle) probably has calibrated plain glass and a resistor (instead of a PIN diode) and is used to "check/tarrate/nullify" the machine. The right watch contains the real RPL-glass and a PIN-diode (for neutrons).

Here is a closer view of the RPL-glass element. It is only about 10x10x1 mm in size.

And here is a view of the inner parts of the machine. It is a fine piece of mil-spec machinery. In its aluminium enclosure, the machine is 100% EMP shielded. Even the little glass display window on the front panel has a fine metal mesh in order to provide shielding.

Further pictures can be found here:
[External Link Removed for Guests]

Have fun!

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FH 380 GN

Messaggio da Studio 1 » 22/01/2016, 19:03

Cari ragazzi , ecco a voi il dosimetro FH 380 GN ...
per ora ve lo presento ... poi approfondisco ... se qualcuno lo conosce ... si faccia avanti ....
Non hai i permessi necessari per visualizzare i file allegati in questo messaggio.

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Re: FH 380 GN

Messaggio da rigeox » 22/01/2016, 21:02

Stavolta mi hai trovato disarmato !!
Mai visto. Sembra molto interessante !!


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